A duplex strainer is used in applications where fluid flow cannot be interrupted when the basket is removed for cleaning. It maintains a continuous flow by utilizing two separate basket chambers with integral valves to direct flow into one of the basket chambers.


There are fluids that may contain microscopic metallic contaminant even the finest mesh will not catch these particles. An effective solution to the problem of excessive and premature wear of pump seals, wear rings, bearings, gears is design with a magnetic rod assembly.  A standard strainer is fitted with magnets which are removable for cleaning.  They are arranged to create a magnetic field around the interior of the basket. The magnets attract the fine ferrous particles which would pass through the mesh and could damage the downstream equipment. Magnets can be incorporated into most types of strainers.


E-Fluid can design and manufacture custom products. We can work with your specifications to create the custom product you need. Manufacture vessels can be fabricated in accordance to ASME Section VIII Division 1 (U stamp available).


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Duplex Strainer

Duplex Strainer Installation

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