Filtration of Raw Materials, Intermediates and Final Products

Final products need to be free of solid and liquid contaminant such as corrosion particles, deformable gels and free water liquid. It is important to control contamination levels in the raw materials and intermediate process streams and to final product. This will help ensure overall filtration costs are controlled, quality targets are met and off spec product is minimized and thus achieve optimum production yield.


Typical Products

Acids, bases, organic solvents, resins, monomers, polymers and raw materials

Industrial gases

Process water, boiler feed, demineralized feed, pre-reverse osmosis and waste water


Solids Removal

During the reaction process or during the purification process there will often be a requirement to separate solids from the liquid. This can be achieved by surface filtration using cartridge filters or by utilizing high solids retaining bag filters. 




Coatings, Paint and Ink jet are filtration-intensive process.  The selection of proper filtration technology will mean the difference to your operation.


We can address any issue relative to chemical compatibility, pressure drop, viscosity, minimizing waste generation, and to ensure the performance and cost target are met for each application.


Key Applications

The process or the manufactured product will contain a wide range of contaminants that will need to be removed. These will include particulates introduced from the equipment or environment, or undispersed pigments and gels. Filters used to remove these contaminants must also avoid removal of the pigment particles, so filters need to have a very well defined removal rating. Filters need to provide both clarification and classification.


To ensure the optimum filter is used in each application, We have a wide range of products. Our range includes filter bags, meltblown depth filters and pleated and mesh media filters.